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Future-Net is equipped with the knowledge and staff to help you expand your business via the internet.  E-commerce is more than a "buzz" word in the year 2000 and with our expertise your company can be placed at the forefront of the market.  

The best way to "tap" into this vast infrastructure called the "internet"  is to establish a web page for your business.  We can help you register a domain and even host your page.  This gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about your company and it widens your scope of potential customers whether local or international.  

This is the age of computer technology where everything can be controlled by the click of a button.  Millions of people and even more surf the net daily.  Imagine how your business can grow by making your organization easily accessible to all.   The internet is a powerful tool and if you want to experience it's rewards and maintain the security that your organization holds Future-Net is awaiting you! 

Are you ready for  Speedway Internet???

As of April 2000 Future-Net has been licensed as an Internet Service Provider.  Services are scheduled to begin in the Fall of this year and the internet packages that will be offered will be posted at a later date.

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What is more important or valuable?

Your data?         Your resources?      Your reputation? 

Protecting all three areas are vitally important.  Your company, like many others, has a huge investment in computer and data-communications, hardware, software and customer-related information.  You also have significant investments in the operation of that hardware; the people and processes that support the mission-critical applications you depend on daily to run your business. 

However, at the snap of a finger, some unfortunate electrical mishap can sideline an entire segment of your company's operation.  Future-Net can help you assess your needs and we're sure you will agree that prudent investment in thorough protection is minor compared to the costs of repairing or replacing damaged components.  We can guide you to the best practices for safe business use especially with the increased use of the Internet to conduct business. We can help you protect the secrecy and integrity of your data, protect your resources so they are available only for the intended use, and PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION which if damaged can be more costly than anything else.

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