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How To Configure Your Connection

with Windows 95/98
with Windows NT 4.0

Windows 95/98

Double Click “ My Computer” on your Desktop Screen
Double Click “ Dialup Networking” Folder

(If this is not the first time you are setting up “Dialup Networking” then the “Make new Connection” Icon will appear. Double click on this Icon then follow steps 1-8.) (If this is the first time you are setting up “Dialup Networking” follow steps 1-8.)

  1. Double Click on “My Computer” (Double click “Dialup folder”)

  2. “Type a name for the Computer you are dialing” – Speedway Internet - next

  3. “Type the phone number for the computer you want to dial” – 3943278 - next

  4. “Country or Region” – Bahamas

  5. Click Finish

  6. Right click on your new “Speedway Internet dial up connection” Icon

  7.  Click “Properties” from the drop down menu

  8. Choose “General Tab “
    a.      In the “Connect using” section click “Configure” Button
    b.      Choose “ Option Tab”
    c.      In the “Connect control section” Unclick “Bring up terminal window before dialing”
    d.      Also Unclick “Bring up terminal window after dialing”
    e.      In the “Dial control” section Unclick “Operator assisted or manual dial”
    f.        In the “Status Control” section Choose “Display modem status”
    g.      Click OK

  9. Choose “Server Types Tab”

  10. “Type of Dialup Server” should read: “PPP,Internet,WindowsNT Server,              Windows 95/98”
    a.      Click “Advance Options” button, Uncheck “Log on to network” and Check “Enable software compression”
    b.      In the “Allow Network Protocols” section: Choose “TCP/IP”
    c.   Uncheck NetBeui and IPX/SPX
    d.      Click TCP/IP Settings button
    e.      Choose “server assigned IP address”
    f.      Choose “server assigned name server address”
    g.        Choose “Use IP header compression”
    h.      Choose “Use default gateway on remote network”
    i.      Click OK
    j.   Click OK again

Windows NT 4.0

  1. Double Click “ My Computer” on your Desktop Screen

  2. Double Click “ Dialup Networking”

  3. “Name phone book entry “Speedway Internet”

  4. Choose “I am calling the internet”

  5. Choose “Send my plain text password if that’s the only way to connect”

  6. Enter phone number 3943278

  7.  Under the “Phonebook entry to dial” dropdown menu click on the “More"button

  8. Choose “Edit entry and modem properties” in the drop down menu.

  9. Choose Server Tab
    a.       Select “TCP/IP” under Network Protocols”
    b.      Select “ Enable software compression”
    c.       Select TCP/IP settings button
         Choose “server assigned IP address”
         Choose “server assigned name server address”
         Choose “Use IP header compression”
         Choose “Use default gateway on remote network”
         Click OK

  10. Select Script Tab and select “none”

  11. Select Security Tab and select “Accept any authentication including clear text”

  12. Click Dial Button

  13. Type in user name and password

  14. Click Dial

Optional steps to save time connecting to the Internet
(For Windows Explorer Browser)

  1. Open your Browser

  2. Choose “Tools” on the menu bar

  3. Choose “ Internet Options” on the dropdown menu

  4. Choose “Connection” Tab

  5.  In the “Dial up setting” section, highlight “Speedway Internet”

  6. Click Settings button

  7. In the “Dialup settings” section, type your username and password

  8. Click OK

  9. Click “Dial whenever a network connection is not present”

  10. Click apply

  11. Click OK

  12. Open your Browser

In the future all you need to do is open your browser and a Dial up connection screen will appear, fill it out and then enjoy surfing the net.

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