Success Stories


Here's what some of our students have to say..................

      "What I liked best about the courses I took at Future-Net
       was the friendly and knowledgeable instructions. The staff
       on the whole showed genuine interest.  I would recommend
       Future-Net Training Ltd. to others and I do.  You take the
       time to find out more about your students/potential  which
       gives me a sense that this company cares about me and my
       future.  Continue to do this and your company will grow."

       Quinn C. Worrell - TECH 2000, A+ Program
       Crystal Palace
       Nassau, Bahamas


        "At Future-Net I liked the personalized training and training
        facilities.  Future-Net met my expectations and I would
        recommend Future-Net training to others because of the
        classroom settings, the helpful staff and the flexible exam

        Capucine Saunders - MOUS, A+ Program
        Sun International
        Nassau, Bahamas


       "Future-Net exceeded and surpassed my expectations!  I
        figured that since the course was only five days and knowing
        the amount of material to cover it would be a strenuous crash
        course.  However, it was not!  I'm in the progress of informing
        individuals of the benefits and comfortable surroundings along
       with up-to-date technology information provided by Future-Net.
       It does not feel like a learning session, but an enlightening and
       understanding view of the user-friendly side of computers."

       Michael Adderley - A+ Program
       Nassau, Bahamas


       "I liked the duration of time spent on the course; one week was
        convenient.  The instructor was knowledgeable in the area taught
        and was straight to the point!  I have already recommended
       Future-Net because of the length of time it's more convenient to
       get time off from work this way."

       Germaine Simmons - A+ Program
       Sojourner Douglass
       Nassau, Bahamas