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Wireless Residential  WALKair 1000


Speed Monthly Fee
*Wireless A 256K/256K $49.00
*Wireless B 384K/384K $59.00
*Wireless C 512K/512K $75.00
*Wireless D 1Mbps $99.00

 Higher speeds available.

Wireless Installation: $275.00


For the most part, very few users are aware that fixed wireless high-speed Internet access is an alternative to coax or copper connections. Fixed wireless systems use a small, wireless access system that is attached to a small radio at the customer premises no long poles involved. The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is pointed back to the ISPs Access Point (AP)—typically a tall building or radio tower—to create a Wireless Local Loop. No telcos involved.

Our Wireless service utilizes dynamic bandwidth allocation to maximize bandwidth capacity and facilitates the widest range of differentiated high-speed data and voice services at the lowest cost to customers.


Wireless VPN - Securely connect remote offices.
Cut costs and increase savings with a Wireless VPN. Call for more information.


For more information contact:

Mrs Hanna, Mrs. Paul or Ms. Leadon

(242) 394-0078

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